About Me
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About Me

My Biography

Offering coaching and mentoring services to professionals who seek regular support, guidance, and introduction to tools, in order to enhance professional interactions and opportunities.

Individuals will work directly with Kay Jones, a highly skilled & experienced leader, to define their professional path and align their tactical work with their own & their company’s strategic goals. ┬áJones is the former COO of Mac IT Solutions,┬áCEO of Codeup, and previously spent 11 years at Rackspace, where she led SMB and Enterprise Support & Engineering Teams while executing initiatives in organizational development.

Kay specializes in leadership, career and organizational development, as well as workforce planning and engagement and retention strategy. Passionate about nurturing economic growth through fair & unbiased professional practices, Jones believes in empowering professionals to accelerate their careers and contribute to their own professional ecosystems in highly impactful ways. Jones earned a B.S.I.B. in international economics and logistics from Sam Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas.

Education & Credentials

B.S.I.B – Economics & Logistics, Sam M. Walton College of Business, Univ of Arkansas, 2004
Trinity University – Mentor for Trinity Entrepreneurship, Venture Mentoring Service
Chairman of the Board – SoHacks 2019

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