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Moxie Professional Development supports advocating for equal opportunities in the workplace by teaching clients to:

  • Create and lead an engaging professional environment for all employees.
  • Maintain professional behavior to drive best outcomes in conversations.
  • Collaborate with employees and peers to maximize output and engagement.
  • Articulate leadership methods and measure leadership impacts and outputs.
  • Create engaging performance goals and performance measurements.

Our sessions will provide guidance and methods for handling the professional and personal challenges we face as leaders and employees.

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    A Highly Personalized & Customized Approach

    Focus Areas of our sessions include skill development, achieving balance, handling stress, managing people, overcoming conflict, understanding corporate politics, goal setting & progression paths, and career transitions.

    Interview Coaching & Resume Rewrites

    Consultation about career goals & aspirations. Resume will be updated, followed by an in-person Interview Coaching session. Mock interviews, with immediate feedback, drive more confidence & better outcomes in interviews.

    Career Advancement & Transitions

    Coaching specific to the career advancement or transition process; Specialized experience in Leadership & IT. Learn to set achievable & measurable goals, and to work with your leaders, peers, and employees to track your progress and achieve your goals.

    Leadership & Professional Development

    Plan and be held accountable to your professional development objectives and time-driven goals. Learn highly engaging and professional strategies & operational tactics for effectively communicating with executives, peers, and employees.

    HR & Operations Services

    Startups and Small Companies often require HR and Operations Development support to augment their Leadership staff and manage their investment in employees. These services allow you to consume Enterprise level HR and Ops Development services, in a customized & affordable way.

    Coaching for Women, LGBTQ, and Diverse Employees

    Guidance and methods for handling the professional & personal challenges we face as women and diverse employees. We will unlock your personal approach to professionally responding to unprofessional behavior, discrimination, bias, racism, and all forms of bigotry that may arise in the workplace.

    Networking Events

    Moxie Professional Development clients with Monthly Memberships will benefit from the Monthly Networking Event. Clients will have the opportunity to meet other clients, that share similar passions and professional desires. This is an amazing opportunity to meet other local leaders & advocates.